Call for Contributions

The 2018 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference is all about bringing together practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, and researchers interested in rural issues.  This conference is a unique opportunity to share your own successes, learn from a diverse group of individuals, and hear the latest on issues that matter to communities and people who call rural Canada home.

The conference organizing committee is accepting abstracts for oral presentations, panels, capacity building sessions, and posters for the upcoming conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from October 10-12, 2018. This year’s theme is Health and Shared Prosperity. With subthemes including:

  • Accessing Health: Arctic, indigenous, northern, remote, and rural communities face unique health related challenges and opportunities. We want to explore the full spectrum of health in rural communities including mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and wellbeing.
  • Feeding Success: Food sovereignty and food security are not experienced uniformly across communities in Canada. What can be done to ensure greater food security, more supportive policy, and greater access to sustainable food systems for more rural communities in Canada?
  • Prosperous Labour Forces:An aging labour force means big changes for small communities. What economic development opportunities are present in rural areas? What redevelopment opportunities can be found in post-industrial rural communities? How do we develop prosperous labour forces?
  • Sharing Prosperity: Every rural community has a story to tell and we want to hear them! Share your strategies for putting prosperity into practice. Discuss the methods you used to track and evaluate the success of your programs. What metrics were evaluated? What was determined to be a “success” for your programs? How did you track your progress? Please share stories of best practices you have implemented that could be translated to other communities or programs across Canada.
  • Eco-Health: Our environment provides critical services to our communities. These services come in the form of daily needs like clean air and water, resources that serve our economy, places for recreation, the list goes on. Rural and remote places are often at the forefront of seeing changes in our environment (e.g., climate change). These same places are increasingly part of the forefront for innovative and creative solutions and policies for protecting our environment. Please share stories of project or ideas implemented in your community and how these can inspire action in other places.
  • Arctic Science: CRRF is partnering with the AAAS Arctic Division to host their annual meeting in concert with the CRRF meeting, on Oct 9. The theme is ‘health and shared prosperity in the North.

Poster contributions for a joint, CRRF/AAAS poster session are being accepted until August 31, 2018. To submit a poster presentation, please follow this link. 

This year there is limited availability in the program. Late abstracts will not be accepted. If accepted, only presentations by financially registered participants will be included in the program. Please proofread abstracts carefully because if accepted, they will not be edited before appearing in the program. CRRF is a registered charity, as such all speakers and presenters are expected to fund their own conference travel and attendance. Financial aid through the conference may become available, however, there is no guaranteed funding at this time. All registered accepted presenters will be made aware of funding opportunities if they become available.

Abstracts will be adjudicated based on the following criteria:

  • Relation to the conference theme and sub-themes
  • Impact on rural community
  • Grammar, spelling and overall clarity

Please direct any question to:

Les praticien(ne)s, politicien(ne)s, enquêteurs, et citoyen(ne)s sont tous et toutes invité(e)s à soumettre des histoires, des présentations, ou des sessions en français. La prestation de traduction sera en fonction de demand et contraintes budgétaires. Si vous avez des questions n’hésitez pas de nous contacter par courriel à