2018 Arctic Science Conference

The 2018 Arctic Science Conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science will be held October 9th in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The meeting is being held in tandem with the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF)’s annual meeting, which runs from October 10-12. The conference theme is Health and Shared Prosperity in the North.

The theme of the meeting reflects the idea that health, of both people and ecosystems, and prosperity, of both human and more-than-human arctic residents, are inexorably intertwined. This reality is at the core of Indigenous world views and lifeways, and increasingly, is being acknowledged by research and policy. At this conference, we seek to further advance the discussion of health and prosperity as a focal point for sustainable communities and development policies. Conference topics include traditional scientific disciplines, science education, arctic social sciences, biomedical research, and artistic interpretation of health in the North. Information about CRRF and the full, joint program will be released soon at this website.


Abstracts and Registration

Abstracts for contributed talks will be open on February 15, with an initial deadline of April 30. Check back shortly for further details.

Registration for both meetings opens in February 2018.

  • Cost of registration for AAAS is $25 for students and $50 for faculty or other attendees.
  • CRRF attendees receive reduced rates: $25 for faculty and free for students.

The Arctic Division of AAAS is open and accessible to all scientific scholars who are working on Arctic, Alaskan, Canadian, northern or Antarctic issues, and seeks to help them communicate their interests and discoveries to others. The division promotes science activities and communication among researchers, graduate students, wildlife managers, business leaders, rural residents, Alaska natives, high school teachers, students and others. For more information about the Division, our mission, and previous conferences, see here: http://arctic.aaas.org/about/


Rooms at the special conference rate can be booked at the Saskatoon Inn for both the Arctic AAAS and the CRRF meeting using this link.